A modern, advanced boat that is simply fun! Get the family into sailing with this the RS Quba! Simple and easy handling, lots of space and great features for adults or youth.


Easy to Learn, Easy to Sail

Super stable hull with wide waterline
Wide side decks encourage sailors to sit within the stable area of the hull yet comfortable when hiking too.
Balanced rig with the center of effort and mainsheet block well forward so that tacking and gybing are trouble free.
Simple Fun

Great handling and superior performance - just like every RS.
Enhanced rocker shape gives good light wind speed even for heavier sailors, and keeps the bow up to promote planing in the breeze
More speed, easier handling, more fun!
Raised foredeck - sheds spray and keeps the cockpit drier

Roomy and rewarding for adults
Easily handled by one or two youngsters
Choice of rigs - Club, Sport, or Pro
Mainsail track and halyard system so stepping the mast is simple and it can remain stepped in the dinghy park
Class-leading cockpit comfort with perfectly positioned hiking strap for adults as well as youngsters
Optional rowing kit
Strong and Durable

Polyethelene (PE3) construction - state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
Toughest outer skin - middle foam layer for stiffness - strong inner skin
RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
Reduces overall weight for better sailing - every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
Quba Club

Simple Spec - Perfect for entry level sailing + training
61sq ft Dacron sail with sleeved luff - reef-able
Two piece mast with standard boom
Standard Fittings - Mainsheet block, hiking strap, 5:1 vang
Quba Sport

Perfect for families, youngsters, schools and clubs
61sq ft Dacron Sport sail with tracked mast and halyard
Rapid reefing system - one hand operated - ashore or afloat
Two piece tracked mast with standard boom
Upgraded Fittings - Ratchet block, 6:1 vang, and padded hiking straps
Option Jib Pack - Add a second sail to your Quba!
Quba Pro

Perfect for more experienced sailors, racers, and thrill seekers
76sq ft fully-battened Mylar Pro sail on tracked, two piece mast
Upgraded Fittings - Ratchet block, 6:1 vang, and padded hiking straps
Option Jib Pack - Add a second sail to your Quba!

“RS’s Quba seems to clearly line up against Laser’s Pico, the ubiquitous rotomoulded beginner boat for one adult or two children… The Quba provides a similar package, enhanced by better sailing performance, slicker features and a wider range of use…” - Yachts and Yachting magazine

More and more families, sailing schools and clubs are switching to the RS Quba – they’ve found it sails better, lasts longer and is more fun than anything on the market.

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